Natasha Junmanee

Blue and white ginger jars with lemons, 2021

61 × 91 cm
This painting captures the beauty of blue and white ginger jars in different shapes and patterns. I enjoy painting their intricate patterns that are not only beautiful but also tells stories. I also like to play with colour contrast in my still life. By adding yellow colour of the lemons against the blue of the ginger jars into this composition, makes this painting looks more attractive and compelling. My concept is to create "beauty" for people to enjoy and appreciate without any interpretations.
Natasha Junmanee is a fine art painter based in Sydney. She completed a bachelor’s degree of Visual Arts (Fine Arts) from Federation University. Her work explores the beauty of still life from objects and things around her life. She is inspired by the classical still life paintings especially from the Dutch and Flemish school. Junmanee’s still life often incorporates symbolic objects depicting the beauty of stillness, memories, cultures, place and time. Much of her work uses balanced composition with a sense of tranquillity. Her painting style is realism and she paint predominantly in oil using traditional technique.
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