Embrace, 2021

120 × 91.5 cm
I love colour. I love the medium of paint. I love the shapes and forms that only nature knows how to create. I love the limitlessness of space found in this country’s landscape. I love being witness to all this, connecting to it, and then bringing it back into my studio to explore my interpretations, my questions, my dance with paint and brush.
'Embrace' pays homage to the ever expansion and surrender that is motherhood, while being held, and reminded how to expand with grace. Just like a giant mother gum, extending its limbs to reveal the magical glow of moonlight.

I paint primarily with acrylic and oil, balancing the speed and immediacy of acrylic with the more contemplative struggle and depth of oil paint.
Mim Fluhrer lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW, and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at The National Art School (Darlinghurst) in 2009. Her works are a journey into the self and of her connection to nature. Having recently become a mother, Mim’s paintings have taken on a new depth, a new story, a new ritual and relationship between paint and brush, colour and form. Mim is inspired by the Australian bush, both the desert and her immediate environment, the land she now lives on, Dunghutti Land. Mim lives on an off-grid permaculture community where the night sky is vast, the gum trees are tall, and the season is spoken in flower song. Mim Fluhrer has exhibited in numerous group shows, solo shows with artwork held in private collections both in Australia and abroad.
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