Miles Howard-Wilks

Untitled, 2023

30 × 30 cm
Miles Howard-Wilks is a multi-disciplinary artist, specialising in painting, ceramics, photography and digital art. Thematically his practice is distinctly Australian, featuring landscapes and seascapes with recurring motifs of iconic animals, landmarks and transport. Howard-Wilks passion for these varied themes is often intricately combined into surreal and contrasting compositions. The artist has explored the dimensionality of this vessel and created multiple planes for the dynamic subjects to reach towards the audience from.

Miles Howard-Wilks has worked in the studio at Arts Project Australia, a studio and exhibition space for artists with intellectual disabilities, since 2000. He has been in numerous group exhibitions as well as solo shows. Working across a range of mediums, Howard-Wilks explores his keen interest in nature, sport and public transport in intricate and surreal ways.

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