Valerie Schönjahn

Friends of the Mere Folk, 2023

24 × 16 × 12 cm
These vessels celebrate the times spent emersed in combing the local winter beaches. The discovery of treasures from the deep, washed up, partly dismembered, in the sand. There are clues to what they may have been, how they grew and changed. My imagination runs wild with possibilities, piecing together, the secret world of kelp, bits of shell and sponges normally hidden by the depth of the ocean. Leaning on these discoveries, my vessels morph and grow, to taking on a life and story of their own.

Born in Zürich, and living in Walyalup – Fremanlte, Valerie is an emerging artist, with a background in architecture and a passion for the garden. Arising out of a personal dialogue, she creates visual conversations through hand formed vessels and found and collected materials. Setting scenes that become a reflection of human nature, our needs, desires and dreams.

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