Margot Solomon

Etched, 2023

21 × 24 × 24 cm
My initial aim was to make a large coil pot with straight sides. The process was relaxing, almost hypnotic and allowed me time to think about surface design. The scraping of the lines in the leather hard clay was repetitive and also calming. They are like man made marks on a map or insect made squiggles on bark. Then while applying the slip, I would watch it make its way down individual groves like water down a creek or paths that are pre ordained. All the while the inside remains cool and smooth.

Adelaide based artist Margot Solomon has taken her interest in printmaking to explore other mediums such as painting and ceramics.
It started with developing multilayered monotypes transformed to fabric upholstered chairs to creating multimedia works which blend collage and painting. More recently she has been playing with clay. All the while her inspiration is drawn from her home and garden and the nearby Adelaide Parklands.
Her ceramic collaborations have ended on the walls of bathrooms and kitchens. From repeat pattern tiles to a tiled weather forecast. Printmaking collaborations have produced paper quilts and floral cake boxes. Exploring through play and loose mark making produce her best work.

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