John Brighenti

Teatime in the Forest, 2023

28 × 28 × 12 cm
This sculptural raku-fired teapot incorporates a number of small textural elements (bright copper, supple suede, satin antler) that coalesce into a cohesive form. One wouldn’t be surprised to come across it on a tuft of moss hidden deep in the forest – a tea service fit to be shared with a cunning, but friendly satyr. Borrowing Japanese aesthetic elements, the piece aims to confer a sense of comforting tradition, balancing the new and the old, the natural and the made.

John Brighenti is a Brisbane-based artist creating wheel thrown ceramics that incorporate natural textures and materials with classical ceramic forms. Trained through a traditional apprenticeship focused on raku-firing, John has developed his work across 4 continents, incorporating aesthetics and techniques from these varied experiences. Sometimes playful, and sometimes confronting, his work often blurs the line between organic and man-made, exploring the power and endurance of biota and in relation to humankind.

John serves on the board of Ceramic Arts Queensland, and has been a finalist for several regional and national awards, including the 2021 Siliceous Award for Ceramics Excellence. He works and teaches from his studio in Indooroopilly, QLD.

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