Lauren Phillips

Wildfire, 2023

21 × 20 × 20 cm
Blazed with untamed allure—the “Wildfire” collection. A portfolio of statement pieces that defy convention, embracing the primitive beauty of alternative firing techniques to bring forth an exquisite and unparalleled aesthetic. At the heart of this collection rests the enigmatic Obvara method, an Eastern European firing technique that traces its origins to the Baltic region—a process that unfurls a symphony of black, tan, and white markings on the pottery’s surface. The Wildfire collection is a rebellion against the uniformity of mass production, celebrating the visceral thrill of imperfection through its striking pieces. Each item is a testament to Lauren’s unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and embracing the raw, unpredictable nature of her craft. In the midst of the Raku kiln’s searing heat, each piece of pottery is born anew, sculpted by the fiery dance of flames. But it is what comes after—the baptism in a fermented liquid—that truly transforms these pieces into the extraordinary. As the blazing pottery is plunged into the brew, an alchemical reaction occurs, scalding the surface with lasting markings. The result is an exquisite chaos, a marriage of elements that defies expectation. Each piece from the Wildfire collection is a bold statement. It defies the familiar and embraces the wild, the unexpected. The primitive nature of alternative and Obvara firing lends these items a soulful authenticity, an energy that cannot be replicated by modern processes. They tell stories of heat and liquid, of transformation and the alchemy of time. Lauren Phillips’ Wildfire collection is an embodiment of artistry at its most primal and refined. It beckons the beholder to a realm where perfection is overthrown by the allure of the untamed, where Obvara markings form a language that speaks of the earth’s fiery embrace.

Lauren Phillips’ creations are not mere objects; they are an embodiment of emotions, thoughts, and the human experience. With every touch, every curve, and every glaze, she transforms clay into poetry for the senses.

Nested in the quiet town of Wardell, is Surrenders Bend Studio – Where Lauren delves into the realm of alternative firing techniques such as Obvara, Saggar and the depths of wild clay.
At the heart lies the concept of “one of a kind.” Each piece she molds carries a soul of its own, a soul that emerges from the intertwining of her inspiration and the clay’s innate character. Her pottery is a mirror to the world around us, reflecting the beauty of diversity and the richness of imperfection that makes life so mesmerising.

Holding and viewing Lauren’s art is a resonation for those who seek the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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