Jack Staley

Sun Vessel 2, 2023

22 × 10 × 9 cm
I create abstract ceramic sculptures and functional objects, with an unpretentious mindset, I embrace and highlight the imperfections inherent in the form and glaze. Through the process of experimentation and curiosity, I delve into glaze development, surface treatment and form exploration, combining these elements posses the pieces to take on their own unique, unusual beauty, biomorphic like . My work depicts a dream like elaboration on the organic and decayed environment, presenting an abstract realm that reflects upon personal identity. It’s a meeting place intwining energy and experience.

jack lives and works from his home studio in Noosa Heads, primarily working material is clay, creating abstract sculptures and functional objects. He has studied at Brisbane Institute of Art, under local ceramicist and continuing in a self taught manner. he is actively seeking to develop his knowledge and enriching his skills to expand his artistic horizons. Predominantly working with mixing a blend of traditional ceramic techniques and glazing methods, tweaking these creations to give them a sense of individuality and vitality.

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