David Fenoglio (SOLD)

September Still Life, 2021

50.5 × 60.5 cm
Each painting for me is a conversation with the history of painting. There is a dialogue with technical methods; where these have been situated in history and how different approaches to picture making developed. Further to this there is observation of light. Light which reveals form. Light which also transmits colours. The process is one of translating these observations, the visual experience, through the use of oil paint on a surface. It is a process of discovery, however the aim is to create an illusion of space. I am concerned little with didactic meaning being transmitted to the viewer through subject matter. Rather my goal is to create a space in which the viewer can enter. To create a psychological space through naturalistic illusion. The combination of objects can potentiate narrative, however the focus of my intention is in pushing naturalistic illusion and by designing the composition in such a way that the audience is captivated psychologically and physically.
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