Katie Daniels (SOLD)

The Beloved (Blue Mountains), 2021

95 × 69.5 cm
In my work I aim to transmute personal inarticulate and/or complicated feelings across a threshold and create something of beauty and appreciation. I am concerned with conveying (those mostly fleeting) feelings of joy, hope, harmony, and gratitude; of providing respite to the viewer and of making visual record of what I see, and what I feel in the presence of nature. All of my pieces share the thread of delighting in the wonder of being here and a desire to share that delight with others.
I create my paintings and artworks with the intention that they will be received as personal mementos and gestures of appreciation and honour for the landscape and our environment. I trust that collectively these are feelings we all share.
Melbourne-based artist Katie Daniels is an emerging artist with a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong, a Master of Arts Curatorship from the University of Melbourne, and most recently a finalist in the Wynne prize. A luminous landscape painter with a distinctive and unique sense of colour that perfectly instills faraway, wistful perspectives, Katie captures and distils the fundamental quintessence of Australia’s quiet majestic beauty.
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