Sarah McGrath (SOLD)

Little Dipper, 2021

40 × 40 cm
I am filled with joy when I create art. It's an emotional journey through every brush stroke and the way that the artwork resonates through the viewer.

This piece of artwork draws on nostalgic emotions from childhood times. The composition brings back memories of warm eggs with gooey yolk centres.

Utilising oil paint I use traditional painting methods of many fine layers and small amounts of poppy oil, slowing down the drying time to work on fine detail over many days. This style of painting is a slow but very enjoyable process, resulting in artwork with layers and depth that brings the subject to life.

My artistic style leans toward realism, focussing on still life. I am drawn to vintage and nostalgic items from my childhood. I arrange these items and photograph them in a realistic setting that I use as a reference for my final piece of artwork.

Through my artistic journey I have looked to many contemporary realist artists for inspiration, style and techniques among a few are Christopher Stott, Robert Rosenman, Lisa Christensen and Laura white.
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