Kathy Gardiner

Floral Pinwheel Urn, 2023

16 × 22 × 12 cm
My pieces evolve as instruments to the healing nature of working with clay. Favouring hand building, each creation is independent in organic form and construction yet resoundingly united in stories filled with spectacular colour. Floral Pinwheel Urn pays homage to the playful nostalgia and romantic innocence of youthful exuberance. A carnival of vibrant stylised floral pinwheels waltz in the joyous glory of a time not weighed down by the heaviness of pain, sorrow, grief and responsibility. The elegant landscape of bold blocks of inviting colour are meticulously hand painted in underglaze with accents of gold lustre finishing to create a brilliant repetition of movement. The piece draws to create a positive emotive adventure for the viewer. There is a lightness and freedom in the play of the floral pinwheels that encourages the cultivation of inner happiness.

Kathy Gardiner creates colourful illustrative ceramics using hand building techniques in her Brisbane home studio and draws inspiration from the female form, nature, flora and fauna, fashion and the yesteryear. Predominantly self-taught, Kathy’s uplifting works are united by simplified form, colour, pattern and line work. Specialising in surface design work, illustrations are skilfully applied using brush underglaze techniques. Crafting a ceramic canvas for her work, Kathy focuses on creating vibrant pieces that bring joy, wearability and functionality.

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