Heidi Lai

Afterglow, 2023

74 × 89 cm
My paintings explore the emotional resonance of memory. The use of dark hues and distinct brushstrokes creates a sense of movement and ambiguity, echoing the fleeting nature of memories. The figures in my paintings are often ambiguous as if they are caught in the act of remembering. This creates a sense of urgency and impermanence, which reflects the way that memories can fade over time. Art can help us to connect with our own memories and to appreciate the significance of the present moment. When we look at a painting, we are transported to another time and place. We can relive our own memories or imagine the memories of others. This can help us to understand ourselves and our place in the world. I would like to invite audience to pause and reflect on their own experiences, and explore their own memories. I hope that my paintings will inspire people to appreciate the beauty of the present moment and to cherish their memories.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, a bustling city characterised by overpopulation, skyscrapers and sensory overload, she wonders whether people are too preoccupied with multitasking to fully concentrate on one thing at a time.

Drawing from her personal experiences in the urban environment, Heidi intently observes the dynamic interactions between people, animals, and the surrounding landscape, using her paintings to capture fleeting moments and uncover the essence of life.

Her first solo exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne in March 2023 was a significant milestone, followed by a group exhibition at Aspire Gallery that her artwork received the People’s Choice Award in March 2023. She first exhibited in The Other Art Fair Sydney in May 2023 and is non-exclusively represented by Sketch Co. Gallery currently.

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