isabel gomez

Maggie sleeping in blue jacket, 2023

35 × 40 cm
I have been painting Maggie our Black and Tan Kelpie on and off for 12 years now. Maggie like most family dogs is part of our family and is an individual as any of us. She knows where she wants to lay in my studio regardless if she is the model or not. This place is on an ottoman with the heater directly pointing in her direction. I love that every position she lays in is a new way of looking at her. Her beautiful markings from fur which is gold , the kelpie mask, spots above eyes , pointy ears, grey around her mouth, and caramel colours in her legs, chest and face which are to me perfection and beauty. First time I’ve used gouache and I enjoy it immensely. I hope you enjoy my painting of our best mate Maggie.

Studied at Newcastle art school TAFE fine arts diploma graduated 1999. Studied Bachelor of fine arts Newcastle University..Won Plein air Painting Prize 2010. Exhibited with Damien Minton Gallery in Newcastle and Sydney. Currently had a show at the Straitjacket gallery in Newcastle.
Participated in the Taronga artist in residency program .

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