Marian Fox

untitled, 2023

30 × 30 cm
This work is about an experience in nature, at Gunbower Creek in Cohuna, Victoria. It reflects a time and place, a mood, memory of events and my immediate inspiration. Made of Keanes Special K clay with a white crackle engobe and corella feathers collected in Cohuna.

Marian Fox is an emerging ceramic artist from Ballarat, she has been working in clay for many years, it was visual arts degree at Federation university that has set her on a path on experimentation and investigation into form and surface treatment.

Fox’s creates hand built vessels using a slab/coil technique. Her work is monumental, uncomplicated and often irregular. Fox experiments with surface treatment and aims to exaggerate the vessel contours and qualities.

Fox is pushing her practice further by applying additions to the surface of the vessel with found and recycles objects. With a myriad of influences from nature to street art, and artists like Kngwarreye and Rosalie Gascoigne, Fox’s work is bold, graphic and sometimes colourful.

Fox won the Cheryl Twomey memorial ceramic award in 2019 and the Federation University 3D Acquisition award and most recently has been selected to exhibit at the Jinju Traditional Craft and Folk Art biennale in Korea in November 23.

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