Cassandra Kirk

Travelling, 2023

50 × 50 cm
This artwork serves as a poignant connection to the cherished memories of my childhood, where the joy of transition was a constant source of happiness. As a city kid yearning for a return to my rural family and home, the anticipation of embarking on the trip filled me with immense excitement. It was a journey that symbolized escape, adventure, and a deep bond to nature and a simpler more connected lifestyle. The destination rich and luscious a stark contrast to city scapes, where ominous clouds sat high over the mountains symbolizing an afternoon storm. A storm that brought everyone inside after a hard day of graft to sit around the kitchen table, to enjoy a cup of tea and re connect. A storm that symbolized for me that a welcome home would be boisterous and generous exactly what was needed. Through the medium of acrylic on canvas, I’ve endeavored to capture and translate these emotions into visual studies for a wider audience to enjoy. With every meticulously crafted brushstroke, I invite viewers to join me on this voyage, to share in the anticipation and wonder that these memories evoke. The scene on canvas is more than mere depictions of picturesque landscapes it is for me a portal into a world where a stronger sense of connection resides.

Artist Bio –
Cassandra Kirk
Art Express 1988 – High School Certificate
Bachelor of Design COFA 1997
Master of Design Futures continuing completion 2024
Willoughby Art Centre Short Courses 2023
I am a design leader and consultant with a focus on global workplace experience transformation. My expertise lies in reimagining, creating, and constructing working environments that not only support employee alignment but also foster a deep connection to the organizational vision and brand.
After dedicating 25 years to applying my creative skills to built design applications, in the past two years I have reemergence into the world of visual art creation. Art, for me, serves as an exploration of the profound connection between creativity and the representation of how the visual response to art can be a unique experience for both the artist and the viewer. It has seamlessly integrated into my daily life, offering a reflective process that nourishes the soul and allows me to revisit cherished moments. Engaging with visually captivating paintings brings a distinct sense of rejuvenation and upliftment.
Despite life’s bustling phases, where balancing family and career sometimes limited my opportunities to paint, I am now embarking on a journey to fuels my passion for art, evolve my art practice and strengthens artist maturation.

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