Minnie Taylor

Beautiful Annie, 2023

104 × 104 cm
“Beautiful Annie”honours my dear mother who passed away 21 years ago. After all these years I still can’t bring myself to paint her portrait, too nervous of the emotions it may induce. I found peace painting her beloved orchids in this painting. Evoking my happy memories of her beauty, her dainty long pink nails holding a ciggie, as she elegantly poses with a cheeky pink lipped smile. LOVE YOU MUM XXX

Minnie Taylor, is a South Australian artist living in Adelaide.

She studied a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication and worked as a Graphic Designer for 15 years. Her love for painting started soon after the unexpected passing of her mother. Painting helped and nurtured Minnie to overcome her grief. After years of painting at the Sarah McDonald Art School fine tuning her skills in oils, she now paints full time from her home studio.

While focusing specifically on still lifes, her fascination with painting glass brings her immense joy, often inducing memories while painting. She carefully considers her glass subjects and background colours, while emphasising the shapes seen from light refraction. Minnie spends time setting up her compositions, to form organic shapes and shadows to compliment the glass. With her ultimate goal to create art that is aesthetically pleasing to look at, evoking emotions while bringing a sense of calmness!

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