Deb McKay (SOLD)

Traces, 2021

20 cm
McKay’s practice is rooted in nature and inspired by the repetition of formal elements found within plants and animals. The layering of clay in her work is revealing of the time and patience required to slowly mould, form, and engineer each work. It is the process of working with the clay and building each piece that McKay find meditative and cathartic.

The simplicity of the material, the monochromatic colour scheme, minimal use of glaze and lustre, repetition of forms and the time implied within each work evokes a feeling of the clarity and beauty found within nature. There is an intrinsic connection between the qualities of these clay forms and the living things in our natural environment. Both are malleable and durable, yet simultaneously so incredibly fragile. McKay’s work seeks to underline this paradox and highlight the beauty which is found within it.
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