Patricia Smart [overall winner, ceramics](ACQUIRED)

Biodiversity, 2021

30 cm
This sculpture is a celebration of nature and the extraordinary unique flora and fauna of Australia. The spiral form is a symbol for my spiritual connection to nature. The intricacy and beauty of Biodiversity is key to a healthy ecosystem and vital to the continuance of our amazing planet. I made this sculpture during lock down in 2021 when I had the time to reflect on what is important to me and that is the environment which not only sustains me but inspires me every day.
Patricia Smart was born in Sydney in 1966. She knew she wanted to be an artist by age 10 and motivated by her love of the Australian Bush moved to the Blue mountains as a young adult where she still resides today. Patricia is a diverse artist in style, subject and medium. She draws inspiration from nature, science, and whimsy. She was formally trained in Fine arts at Meadowbank TAFE and Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. In her own business, she has painted murals nationally and internationally, since 1989. Her studio practice includes painting, printmaking, and most recently ceramics. Patricia has won many awards and scholarships for her art and most recently was invited to represented Australia in China where she painted a mural alongside 90 other international artists at Hua Quan Artist Village in 2017. In 2011 she traveled to Italy to learn Fresco painting. She has work in the printmaking collection at the Art Gallery of NSW and The National Gallery of Australia.
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