Ruby Yeh

Fortune favours the bold, 2021

17 cm
"Fortune favours the bold" is part of a body of work exploring the different orientations of a simple cube. The idea came from the fact that humans usually utilise maximum creativity when resources are limited. Working with the cube, a simple geometric shape, to come up with work that is new and bold due to the angles and orientations that emerge from stacking. Both functional as an ikebana vessel and as a standalone sculptural work, "Fortune favours the bold" invites the audience to view it (and the world) from different perspectives.
Ruby Yu-Lu Yeh is an emerging ceramic artist. She was born in Taiwan and migrated to Brisbane in 2000. Ruby utilises hand-building techniques to experiment with clay and develops work that are both sculptural and functional. She is intrigued by the possibilities of using simple geometric shapes to form a sophisticated piece, as well as the organic tone and texture of different clay bodies. Her signature work includes stacked cube vases, and Kurinuki cups made from the texture of mixed clay bodies. She has studied with various ceramic artists including Dianne Peach, and Suvira MacDonald. Ruby has participated in exhibitions with KEPK (Brisbane), Metcalfe Gallery (Brisbane), Hall & Wilcox (Brisbane) and Brunswick Street Gallery (Melbourne). She won the 2020 Ceramic Arts Queensland student award and the 2021 People’s Choice award at the Hall & Wilcox emerging artist exhibition in Brisbane.
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