Cheryl Erskine

The Inlet track, 2023

120 × 100 cm
At the moment I’m enjoying the wonderful play of dappled light and shadow that creates a meditative quality and draws you deeply into the tree scape. I seek solace in the natural world and am happiest amongst the ti-tree and on the beach. The inlet path that leads to the beach is rippling with shadows, the gums are blue in the hot sky and the beach beckons.

Erskine’s paintings are a bold celebration of the natural world, with subject matter primarily drawn from the native flora of South Gippsland.
She is a self taught painter of the natural environment she lives in, her tropical back yard in Sandringham and the ti-tree forests that hug the dunes around Gippsland.
Erskine has had two solo exhibitions:
Graham Geddes in Armadale 2019
Little Oberon in Fish Creek 2022

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