Gala Grahovac

Still Life in Green #2, 2022

30 × 10 × 40 cm
My sculptural wall hangings are a meditation on colour, space, shadow and line. The clay becomes a structural tool, transforming the clay into drawings. The lines embrace the solid form and are glazed in bright colours in a playful juxtaposition with the symbols of the traditional Vanitas. They become a hanging 'memento mori' reflecting on chaos and serenity, the familiar objects and the unknown.
Gala Grahovac is an emerging ceramic artist from the Blue Mountains and graduated from the National Art School, with a major in ceramics early this year. She lives and practices on Gadigal land and has a ceramic studio at Among the Trees, Marrickville. Gala will be exhibiting at Australian Galleries in January with various other emerging artists as she was recently awarded the Australian Galleries Award.
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