Scott Elk

Desire Lines – Mark; He Used to Bring Me Roses, After Voulkos, 2022

60 × 60 × 60 cm
This work came from wanting to put my experience of a relationship into an energetic, moving form. I am exploring the figure in an abstracted way, using the vessel shape as a means of visual language from ceramic art history to give a sense of character. Including all the classic parts of a vessel relating to human form gives my vessel distinct personality; foot, body, shoulder, neck, lip. The title of this work is taken from the opening of the 1970’s Australian tv soap Prisoner Cell Block H. Days are counted as primal notches on a symbolic circle with no end. The use of green in the work is a reference to the rose vine that has withered. The form is fragmented, broken, unravelling, and spinning into nonexistence.
Artist from Sydney Australia, working on Durag Country, exploring the world through ceramics, painting, drawing printmaking, and sound.
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