melinda clyne

Ninox Strenua (status: vulnerable), 2021

54 × 45 cm
This work, Ninox Strenua, is the first of a series that collates my interest in Nature and the age of the Anthropocene ,where climate change is hastening the demise of many species. I am particularly interested in the birds of New South Wales. Not only are the smallest birds are being decimated by cats and loss of habitat, but larger species such as the Powerful Owl- Ninox Strenua- which can be seen if you are lucky and quietly observant, in pockets of canopy in the Sydney area, are now listed as 'vulnerable'.
I hope to engage the viewer by depicting this chosen endangered bird in a geometric style, perhaps evoking the splendour of seeing rarer birds even in an urban environment. The edges of the painting are hand-embedded with a small curve or fold, to contrast and play optically with the flat, muted angular shapes within the pictorial space.
As a participant in the fighting of the 2019/2020 bushfires, I saw first-hand the immediate effect on a wilderness area south-west of Sydney. The blackened forest revealed no greenery, but the silence was worse as all the many small birds that usually live in this area could not survive the ferocity or escape, especially when the fire swept through at night.
The ongoing series will focus on a selection of endangered birds as listed officially on the NSW Government Environment list.
Since graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (with Distinction in Painting), my work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, with details on website. Currently, a selected work is being exhibited in the satellite exhibition of “Que des Femmes”, to coincide with exhibitions world wide on the theme of non-objective art with the central show in France- curation by Lisa Pang at Factory 49, with an online catalogue created before the physical exhibition in Nov 21. Also, at present, one of my works is on physical display until November at the Madi Museum of geometric Art, for the second time, in Dallas ,Tx,USA, after being selected by jurors in an international call-out for three-dimensional work. I have participated in four additional group shows this year, including an experimental installation at Articulate gallery, Sydney, with the theme of forest fire trauma and regeneration, using only factory discarded acrylic pieces. I also was selected to participate in a group show in Melbourne, at Alternating Current Art Space, curated by gallery director Annette Chang. The solo exhibition of Dec 2020 at factory49, Sydney was the culmination of materials and formalist exploration, where the acrylic panel was painted on yet incorporated a sculptural element. The extensive show demonstrated technical proficiency and conceptual vigour. In march 2020, I was awarded a prize at the AGNSW for the Emerging Art Exhibition, sponsored principally by Art Month and Belle magazine. My work is continuing to evolve, with a committed and experimental practice driven by curiosity, and it is now drawing in more figurative elements regarding Nature,( particularly Australian birds which I enjoy identifying out in the field and which have been decimated by the fires), and its human-led predicament.
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