Keiran Gordon

Floral Nihilism 21, 2021

70 × 50 cm
My art expresses a relationship between weightlessness and intensity; the painting reflects fleeting pleasurable feelings which are never wholly contained. So they are encased in an improvised structure that is part of the work rather than a purely practical method of hanging and preservation.
The marks, shapes and colours are an exploration into a mythology of colour presenting an attractive and passive invitation, not unlike a flower. My works are vibrant entities influenced by the constant sensory bombardment of modern life, natural, built and felt. Stripping context and figuration to create a tangible real world object; they leave behind external reference in favour of an aesthetic independence. They are pendants for your thoughts, projections, subjects and figurations – and convent the lightness and joy of the act of creating.
Growing up in the Blue Mountains, I studied my BFA at National Art School, majoring in sculpture. My work over the last few years has been primarily painting and mixed media, using experimental materials to create abstract art that shakes off the need for explanation, preferring simple aesthetic mechanisms over long winded conceptual rigor. After moving to Sydney I have been showing my work in group and solo shows and working as an arts educator and manager of an arts based disability day program in the eastern suburbs. It has been this experience supporting artists with disabilities over the last 10 years that has greatly influenced my unorthodox free flowing and ego free approach to creating. Turning perceived weaknesses in to strengths, exploring unique ways to manipulate a medium, being resourceful in the environment; all with the mindset that art is a system of communication understood by all.
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