Lauren Kennedy

Less noise, more energy, 2021

119 × 98 cm
‘Less Noise, More Energy’ is a recording of my physical and emotional response to the Landscape; the Kalbarri National Park. My paintings are less relative to representation; rather, to instill a connection to place. I let the marks breathe and exude energy. The outcome is often unknown to me as I respond to the process as if it is an improvised dance until it feels resolved.
Lauren Kennedy is a contemporary artist investigating ways to communicate the energy of Western Australia. Her artworks highlight the textures, marks, and space of monumental landscapes. Each work intends to harness the infatuation for Western Australia’s harsh, rugged, northern environment. Landscape paintings instill a connection to this ancient and unique place, evoking a sense of awe and meditation. Of being grounded. Growing up with an abundance of creativity and a keen eye for design, Lauren developed these skills with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at Edith Cowan University in 2011 and embarked on a full-time artist career in 2016. Lauren has recently exhibited outdoors at the Kalbarri Sky Walk with Fervor Food, had a joint Exhibition with Gabrielle Scott in 2020, and has an upcoming Solo at the end of this month. Her paintings unveil her connection to the environment and a desire to fabricate the way she sees and experience the landscape.
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