Lucy Roleff (SOLD)

Late Morning, 2021

50 × 40 cm
My painting practice focuses primarily on the still life genre, depicting domestic items and elements of the natural world. I am interested in the nature of still life because these compositions can stand alone, with or without human interaction, and I find great potential in that suspension of time and context.

I am drawn to combining opulent objects such as brass, gold, silver, glass and candles with organic material such as flowers, plants and food. This stems from my interest in the Baroque era in art and music, with its curious mix of grandeur and everyday simplicity. I am particularly interested in the hierarchical way we view objects, and the different associations they have had throughout history – especially the way items that were once revered or coveted are now seen as gaudy, and those that were rustic or organic are now high-end.

My paintings are intended as portals for the viewer to either place themselves inside, or recognise from their own lived experience. Through my work, I hope to invite conversation around the hierarchy of inanimate objects, and encourage reflection upon domestic quietude, solitude and use of space.
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