Andrea Sinclair [OVERALL WINNER, PAINTING] (Acquired)

Flossie, 2021

63 × 63 cm
My work is based primarily on analogue imagery found in mid 20th Century photography and Super 8 film. I explore the dynamics of memory—of what’s remembered and what’s forgotten; of what to take from the past but, equally, what to let be. Within the found imagery I collect there are gems which beg to be brought to the present through paint. The solid backgrounds are used to give the subject all the attention, and also to represent the abyss from which they have been brought forth from (old unwanted photo albums and second hand store finds). I take great pleasure in spending time with the people in my images and bringing them out to be seen.

My current focus is on 'women of a certain age’; the invisible and overlooked, socially undesirable and ignored women over 50. 'Flossie' is a wonderful example of a woman who may have been forgotten to the past and that would have been our loss.

There is no nostalgia here, but rather an unflinching look at the temporality of time —at its brilliance and purity but equally its distortions and figments of imagination.
Originally from the West Coast of Canada, Andrea has lived in Australia since 1992 with her husband Ric and their two sons. After initially studying fine art in the 80’s, Andrea spent the next 25 years working in the decorating industry. In 2009 she restarted her painting journey and went on to receive her BFA (RMIT 2016) and MFA (RMIT 2018). Andrea was a finalist in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2014 , and a semi finalist again in 2015. In 2018, Andrea won Best Gippsland Landscape at the John Leslie Art Prize at the Gippsland Art Gallery and her work ‘Bonfire at Yarragon South’ is now in their collection. In 2020, Andrea’s self portrait ‘Holding Back the Years’ was chosen as a finalist work in the inaugural Darling Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Although she paints portraits and the occasional landscape, her heart is truly in her work with found imagery of ordinary people from the past and capturing them in paint to become timeless and unforgotten. Andrea paints full time in her studio based in Yarragon South, Victoria. She is not represented by a commercial gallery.
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