Andrea Wilson (SOLD)

Blossom, 2021

60 × 80 cm
The ground was carpeted in pale grey petals when I cut the last magnolia blossom from its tree. This one will die in captivity, in an old mocconna jar surrounded by cutlery and a rich red cloth. I apologised to the magnolia blossom. It said it didn’t mind.
Andrea Wilson is a Sydney Architect and Emerging Artist. Exhibitions and Prizes 2017 – First Prize Waverley Woollahra Art School 9 x 5 Landscape Impressionism Prize “Cockatoo Island” 2018 – Finalist Kangaroo Valley Art Prize “Tractor” 2019- First Prize Waverley Drawing Prize “Sunday” 2019- Finalist Waverley Art Prize “Beach” 2019 – First Prize Artest Woof Art Prize “Steve” 2019 – Framing Prize M16 Artspace Drawing Prize “CBD Gothic” 2020- Finalist Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize ‘Goth City” 2020- Finalist Lethbridge Small Work Art Prize ‘ Knife Fork Spoon’ 2020- Finalist Waverley Art Prize ‘Summer’ 2020- Finalist Salon De Refuses ‘Integrifolia’ (portrait of Janet Lawrence) 2021- Finalist Muswellbrook Art Prize ‘Warm and Dry’ 2021 – Finalist Still art prize ‘Gathering’ 2021- Highly Commended, Ravenswood Art Prize for Women ‘Forebears’ Exhibitions 2018 – ‘3 PLY’ Group Exhibition with artists Sonia van de Haar and Richard Briggs, 53 Great Buckingham Street, Redfern 2018- Greenwich Village Arts Trail 2019 – ‘Home’ Group exhibition, Block J Gallery 2019/- Greenwich Village Arts Trail 2020 – Greenwich Village Arts Trail
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