Kit-Fong Wong

Erosion, 2022

11 × 15 × 30 cm
"Erosion" was inspired by a day at a beach on the Central Coast. Walking along the beach, I came across beautiful rock formations which were eroded by wind and water. Using my own hands, I tried to recreate the beautiful pattern and connect with nature. Through my works, I want to express the connection between nature and human beings.
Kit-Fong Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong, and immigrated to Australia in 2005 and currently lives in Sydney. Kit first studied ceramics in 2010 and completed Advanced Diploma in Ceramics in 2016 at the Tafe of Northern Sydney Institute, NSW. Kit loves nature and is enthusiastic about working with clay. She is always inspired to create works with simplicity of form that echoes the purity found in nature.
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