Anh Nguyen

"John in his studio", 2021

62 × 92 cm
“John in his studio” came about after I had asked the painter John Bokor if I could paint his portrait – and he said yes! We both live in the Illawarra so I went to visit his studio a couple of times during the school holidays of January 2021. I knew he was very busy working towards a show, so was prepared for him not sitting still. I made a series of large drawings and also small pencil ones – first in charcoal & conte for locating a sense of space, then with oil pastels to introduce colour notes.
Anh Nguyen was born in Melbourne and now lives and paints from the NSW South Coast, with her partner and 4 children. She is the recipient of the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize 2020 and Basil Sellers Art Prize 2018 and a finalist in other well-regarded prizes such as the Rick Amor Drawing Award (2021), Dobell Drawing Prize (2021) & Eutick Memorial Still Life Ward (2017, 2019).
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