Djurrayun Murrinyina

Djarrwark, 2021

115 × 88 cm
DJURRAYUN MURRINYINA AUSTRALIAN, YOLNGU, B. 1974 Djurrayun Murrinyina This young woman is one of the few Djarrwark artists within the Miwatj region. She lives at Gangan where Gawirrin Gumana has maintained the art of this one of his maternal clans in his role as a djuŋgayi. Gawirrin is her maternal uncle and in the year 2007 she began to paint these designs in her own right. She is the only member of this clan to have provided such works in at least fifteen years. She is the daughter of Malaluba Gumana. Clan: Djarrwark, Lumarranu Homeland: Balma/Gangan Moeity: Dhuwa
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