Laura Oczos

Concrete Pyramids, 2023

61 × 51 cm
These are the concrete pyramids at Port Kembla, a left over from defenses of Port Kembla during the Second World War and somewhere I walk every day. This painting explores the idea that despite having a strong connection to a place or landscape, the process of remembering can alter our way of seeing. Whilst direct observation played a part in the initial preparation for this painting, it was created some time later without any references to aid its development as I wanted to remove anything too attached to objects or likeness.

Laura Oczos is a contemporary artist from Wollongong, NSW. Oczos paints imagined landscapes that are autobiographical in nature. She is interested in the dynamic nature of memory and draws on past and present experiences to create work that often combines multiple points of view and captures the spirit of the moment rather than exact places. Her work explores how memory and meaning can change through retelling and remembering.

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