Renee Kamaretsos

Quiet Strength, 2023

79 × 79 cm
I acquire inspiration from the ever-changing surroundings to create beautiful contemporary art. I have a great energy and passion for painting in a variety of different genres and mediums. The unlimited expanse in the landscape are fundamental elements in the creation of my artworks. Looking to the natural beauty of my surrounding worlds, capturing the mood, harmony, and rich palette of colours that effortlessly present themselves in nature. My previous fluid seascape series emerged from my many walks along our beautiful coastline. After a painting retreat in Sofala near Orange I have again broken out my palette knife to create a textured landscape series bursting with lush greens and pinks. My Private Studio is located at The Timber Mill Studio’s Bulli, NSW

Renee is a professional artist capturing the mood, harmony and rich palette of colours that effortlessly present themselves in Renee’s desirable artworks.

When an opportunity presented itself to move with her husband and young family overseas Renee did not hesitate, she resigned from a long and successful career as a travel agent and made the move to Greece. After settling in, with free time on her hands she again picked up a paint brush, her passion…. Renee was eager to learn and attended many classes in Athens and Paris to expand her knowledge. Fellow expats were very interested in what Renee was painting so she started a small group of women that came once a week to her home to learn new skills and share a glass of wine.

After having lived in Greece and France for several years and travelling extensively throughout Europe she returned home to Australia, formalising her studies by completing a four-year Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts.
Renee has great energy and enthusiasm for painting in a variety of different genres and mediums, the fluidity of ink, the freedom of watercolour, the texture of impasto. The subjects range from the unlimited expanse in landscape, the vastness of the ocean, these are all fundamental elements in her artworks.
Renee also works with interior designers & stylists to create custom pieces to suit the clients colour palette in styles ranging from coastal to country. Also doing commissions for private clients that visit her studio to get the perfect piece for their home.
Renee is a full time practicing artist embracing the world of colour.

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