Zoe Sernack

Change Of Season, 2023

63 × 73 cm
Zoes’ art process is about continually engaging with the natural world. A keen observer of her environment, Zoe wants us to understand her visual language through an inbuilt desire to constantly engage with the world she experiences. Her paintings are multi-layered, being as much about the medium of paint and the process of painting as with an experience of the Australian landscape. Zoes’ objective has never been to depict but to evoke a visual connection. Whether it be a sense of place, a feeling or a memory.

Zoe Sernack is an artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Zoe holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The National Art School and works on a full time studio practice. Zoe has exhibited throughout Australia since the beginning of her professional practice in 1999. Practicing for over 25 years, Zoe has had over 20 solo exhibitions, close to 50 group shows and has also been a Finalist in a number of major art prizes such as Fisher’s Ghost Award, Hornsby Art Award, Gosford Art Award, Into the Light Art Award and the Lethbridge 20000 Art Award.

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