michele edinger

Sweet Rhapsody, 2021

22 cm
My work speaks of the current social climate, lost memories and the human condition. In my practice as a ceramist I am both a painter and sculptor. I draw from memory and figurative references and in both material and metaphorical layers as I explore the blurred boundaries of perception. In my practice I use a combination of slip cast, wheel work and hand building skills to create a collective society of ‘beings’. The slipcast objects are from found domestic items such as an old English flask jug, vintage kitchen table legs and crystal stem glasses. I employ a deliberate marriage of hybrid body parts and facial expressions allowing for incidental imperfections so to convey a certain sentiment of the human condition. Once formed the material is layered in glazes and high fired several times in reduction as well as in oxidation.

This work submitted for this years’ National Emerging Art Prize 2021 is titled 'Sweet Rhapsody.' It is a piece that illustrates the delightful conversations we can have with strangers. The material is pivotal to my expression, representing intrepid expressions of texture and tone.
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