Judy Maddalozzo

Grounding, 2021

32 cm
Artists Statement no 2
Maddalozzo _ Judy

Title :
Grounding (ceramic ocean form )

I was born in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea; into a large missionary family. When we returned to Australia we lived at Yirrkala; a small indigenous community on the coast of Arnhem Land. My early life was spent immersed in ancient cultures and traditions; daily life was full of tribal customs, primitive art and ceremonial dance. My ceramic forms are naturally tuned to these experiences and I often use traditional ochres on my larger ceramic forms.

It was my time spent on her grandparents farm in the hills of Kiama on the NSW coast that sparked my love of art and the ocean. It was a slow pace of life. My grandparents taught me that spending time with family is precious. Their legacy is deeply ingrained into all of my artworks and remains a constant inspiration.

This work is an invitation to look at the layers of the earth and the layers of our souls. It is a gentle reminder to walk along the beach barefoot; to really feel the sand and breathe in the salty air. To feel the feels, and then to let them go …

The circular shape represents the natural cycles within our fragile world; emotional, spiritual and environmental. The work has been created to inspire feelings of being a part of nature and not separate from it. To open pathways within our minds for re-connecting with these cycles.

This piece is non-functional and hand-built using recycled Australian Terracotta Stoneware Clay. The body is decorated using natural shades of ochre pigments.
The textured surface is a result of natural sands and small stones (grog) found in the clay and the flecks of trachyte iron produce the mottled effect.

I have aptly used Terracotta as terra-cotta is Italian for “baked earth” – so perfect for giving those grounding vibes.

The clay is twice fired to stoneware
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