Leighton Edwards

Bells Beach, 2022

55 × 89 cm
This painting is about capturing the light and feel of the early morning at this location, which I experience often. There is a tension experienced at the point between land and water which is broken once the commitment has been made to jump in.
I have always been making art. Beginning with drawing then painting, sculpture and photography during high school. I visited many galleries in Europe during my gap year before studying a bachelor of Visual Art at the University of South Australia (the South Australian School of Art), graduating in 1999. I studied a wide range of visual media and a comprehensive education in colour theory and perspective has been key for my painting practice. The nautral environment has always been the main source of inspiration. The colours and reflections of water features in many paintings from the dramatic coastline to the snow covered alpine wilderness. I have completed a range of commissioned artworks, mainly large landscapes of specific properties. It is an enjoyable process and challenging at times. Photography is an important tool for my creative process. I use it to capture the changing of light of the subject and for reference material. Photography also is essential for the doccumentation of the paintings once completed. Some of my landscape photographs are worthy of being presented as they are, large format printed and framed photographs. I make my own canvasses, print large format digital Photographs, make prints of my own paintings and frame them. All of my work useses the highest quality archival quality art materials and is consistent with gallery presentation standards.
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