Karen Bloomfield

Taking in the view, 2022

100 × 100 cm
Our industrial roots are slowly disappearing from our cities and suburban areas and yet I find them so appealing in their history, shape & character. 'Taking in the view' pays homage to the melding of industry & residential that is the Newcastle suburb of Carrington. May it long embrace that which makes it special.
With 2 artworks selected for the collection of the Australian Embassy in Kabul, Bloomfield is one of a select group of Australian artists chosen to represent Australian Art in International Embassies. Bloomfield, President of the Australian Society of Marine Artists and Associate Artist with the Royal Art Society of NSW, is regularly exhibited in some of Australia’s most prestigious art awards. Bloomfield has created a brand for herself through two distinctive mediums: Industrial oil paintings on canvas; and Australian Wildlife in charcoal & ink on plywood. Her recent melding of the styles have been termed ‘Reductionist Pop’. Bloomfield’s work peppers collections both nationally & internationally. Artist Statement I believe that my role as an artist is to capture & preserve society in this very moment & to garnish this moment with my own filters, wit, emotions & beliefs. It is in this way I share my vision of how I perceive that simple, mundane, ugly & unexpected things may be viewed to be beautiful or, at the very least, engaging. It is my desire to encourage the growth that comes from seeing more than one viewpoint – in everything.
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