Toni Vallance

Untitled (Collage No.3), 2023

55 × 42 cm
I am inspired by things that move me. I instinctively manipulate raw line drawings to create pieces that, in their purest form, play with dimensions, colour and texture, through an elaborate play of layered mark-making. I am fascinated with the human mind – our fears, loves, passions, anxieties, and the stories we tell ourselves – we are extraordinarily complex. My experience as a naturopath influenced me to explore the complexity of human behaviour and how our contradicting layers of character can manifest into something beautiful. Using different mediums to express these layers: foundational line drawings represent vulnerability and naivety, layered and protected by paint or oil stick/pastel, representing time and experience.

Born in New Zealand, and currently based in Naarm (Melbourne), I am an artist specialising in layered, abstract mixed-media pieces.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Art (painting) at RMIT University, however my journey to creative expression has not been a straightforward one. With degrees in both Business and Health Science, I have worked professionally in advertising and design, and as a naturopath, before following a long-held, intuitive calling and taking my leap into making art. In 2017 I completed a drawing course, and lived and worked in New York, which ultimately inspired my art practice. I have since created and sold my artwork in New York, New Zealand and Australia.

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