Finn Ryan

Art Block: In Colour, 2023

78.5 × 69.5 cm
Influenced by Gustave Courbet, my work delves into the intricate relationship between the artist and artwork, employing the interplay of light and shadow. Through a centralised image and an asymmetric composition, a palpable sense of ambivalence emerges. The title symbolises my personal indifference towards the art-making process, as I often find myself contemplating for hours, to no success. This sentiment is echoed by the presiding nature of the figure portrayed. Furthermore, the deliberate limited use of colour invokes irony, mirroring my own frustrations and limitations due to colorblindness, resulting in unintentional sections of grey and a lack of hue throughout.

A colourblind artist having resided in central west NSW his whole life, enjoys painting things he finds out of the ordinary.

Working with Acrylics, he often depicts real life people and things in his works. In an attempt to escape the more mundane landscape and rural artwork more commonly found within his region.

His artworks also tries to invoke a sense of humour or intrigue when viewed and relies heavily on the reaction of its audience.

He is also a fulltime university student, studying civil engineering and uses his paintings as an outlet while committing to fulltime work in hopes of becoming more professional in both revenues.

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