Obed Namirrkki - Runner up 2023

Wak wak, 2023

120 × 61 cm
This painting depicts a sacred site at ‘Kurrurldul’, an outstation south of Maningrida. The ‘rarrk’, or abstract crosshatching, on this work represents the design for the crow totem ancestor called ‘Djimarr’. Today this being exists in the form of a rock, which is permanently submerged at the bottom of Kurrurldul Creek. The ‘Djimarr’ rock in the stream at Kurrurldul is said to move around and call out in a soft hooting tone at night. Both the stone itself and the area around it are considered sacred

Obed is an emerging artist at Maningrida Arts and Culture. Under the the tutelage of his father, acclaimed senior artist Ivan Namirrkki, Obed has mastered painting Rarrk on bark, Lorrkkon and carved wooden representations of mimih.

Common totems that Obed has the authority to paint include Wak (Black Crow djang), Namande (The one leg spirit), Kunngol (clouds) and rolk (maggot djang)

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