Llael McDonald

Ribeye, 2023

70 × 60 cm
At first glance, the prominent presence of a succulent ribeye steak demands attention. The marbled texture of the meat and its mouthwatering hue engage our primal instincts, reminding us of our fundamental need for sustenance. However, upon closer examination, the painting unveils a narrative that extends far beyond the realm of a simple meal. In this artwork, the ribeye steak becomes a metaphorical catalyst for human advancement. It prompts us to reflect on how our relationship with food has shaped our collective existence. From the cultivation of crops to the establishment of trade routes and the development of gastronomic traditions, our pursuit of sustenance has driven innovation, spurred exploration, and fostered the emergence of civilisations across the globe. Through this painting, I invite viewers to explore their own relationship with food and consider the profound influence it has on our lives. By highlighting the ribeye steak as a conduit between sustenance, culture, and civilisation, I aim to ignite conversations about our collective history, the diversity of culinary traditions, and the integral role of food in shaping societies. Ultimately, serving as a visual feast for the eyes, stimulating the viewer’s senses and intellect. It prompts us to recognize and appreciate the intricate tapestry of influences that have contributed to the development of civilization, urging us to celebrate the power of food as a unifying force and a testament to our shared human experience.

Llael McDonald has over 27 years experience as a practicing artist. Llael’s work is moody and nostalgic, with underlying narratives that change from viewer to viewer. Delving into the familiar and bringing forward the ordinary to be presented to an audience with emotional and visual elevation. Llael has sold her work into private and corporate collections in New York, Miami, France, London Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. She now has a studio in the Victorian highlands where she continues her painting practices.

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