Issy Parker

Turn Your Lights Down Low, 2022

5 × 40 × 40 cm
My desires to use the tactility and evocative nature that clay summons to respond to surface treatment. Its ability to conjure aesthetics over different mediums. This piece playing with the two dimensionality of printmaking and the three dimensional that is clay. Carefully carving out my image, much like a wood block or a lino, glaze printing its relief.
Pulling images and composition from multiple sketches came to life simplified, indistinguishable figures under a lamplight, shedding a light and a closer investigation into human activity.
Issy Parker is a Sydney based artist, graduated from the National Art School. For Issy, each piece is a transmission of energy, carefully and deliberately created to embody the play between intent and surrender. She gathers influence from her surroundings, the natural environment and ones sense of identity. Born into a large family of seven with African American heritage, her work seeks to celebrate individuality and diversity. Issy’s intricate knowledge of materials and techniques allows her to create her own unique clay bodies, glazes and firing methods. She explores the balance between nature’s process and the artists hand to organically create lively and distinct vessels from the ground to the table.
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