Melissa Kenihan

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener, 2022

81 × 116 cm
The Grass Isn’t Always Greener – This title contorts a familiar phrase to provoke the observer to search for their own reason why. To give my own explanation, eliminates the possibility for an individual to find meaning for themselves. To observe this landscape from above, perhaps the message is obvious. It's simply a matter of perspective….
Melissa Kenihan is a Melbourne based artist. Although only devoting herself to her art full time in 2017, Melissa is a lifelong artist and storyteller. A childhood filled with drawing and painting gave way to a 20-year career “painting with sound” as an award-winning audio engineer and sound designer for film and TV. Melissa’s work is grounded in connection, experience and memory. It evokes time and place, and a feeling of reluctance to look away from a moment that teases an intriguing backstory. There is depth to her imagery that hints at hidden elements and story threads, somewhere beyond the trademark of realism and expressive detail.
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