Anthony Guerrera

Chant of the Red Gum, 2022

102 × 102 cm
The boundaries and relationships between the built and natural environment drive my work. Each element, from the contemporary architecture to the curated garden design, contributes to a sanctuary. My artwork investigates the diversity in popular culture and highlights everyday things that it overlooks. It explores the beauty found in landscapes, interiors and nature's synergy. Houses serve as a time capsule for the times we are experiencing.
Sydney-based artist Anthony Guerrera enjoys the interactive and unconventional qualities that art inspires. Early lessons in landscape oil painting guide his interest. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Design from UNSW. He went on to work in the cultural and real estate sectors, gaining architecture drafting skills and valuable insight into various art styles and forms. Pop art remains particularly influential. Habitual elements recur in Anthony’s practice — the collection of images with a deep desire to immortalise their subject and the interplay of light and shading. Still, his acrylic paintings diversify significantly from his work with crystal rhinestones, which placed him as a finalist in the 66th Blake Art Prize (2021). Anthony’s latest work reconnects with his love for architecture, interior design, nature and landscapes. He experiments with bold acrylic colours usually reserved for scenic painting. The deliberate absence of people invites you into his artwork to create a unique narrative.
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