Julya Hegarty

Smoke…After The Fire, 2022

30 × 20 × 30 cm
I’ve been stranded on the other side of the fence for so long, in a hidden landscape of smoke, scratching at my boundaries, seeking a creative space to be uninhibited.

Smoke..Burnt Land – a ceramic form, an image of Australian scrub-bush land, wild places pockmarked by intense heat and fire, tangled wilderness preserved for the birds and waste places. I use gritty textures of unprocessed recycled clay, deep laden pools of oxides and a singular green glaze, which all offer the pieces a crude, exposed, uncultivated landscape.
Julya Hegarty, I’m a multi-disciplinary artist living, working and creating from my home studio, based in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Recently my creative art works have been directed by my observations of how the ‘Australian Identity’ could be represented through art, drawing references from a combination of historical Australian and Indigenous ideologies along with current social contemporary perspectives, which help to unearth our collective identity and the evolving modern view of what makes us Australian. My ceramic sculptural forms celebrate the resilience and abundance of the hardy Australian landscape. I like to use my creative practice to highlight the unrelenting nature of the Australian bush scape and the resilience of the flora and fauna that thrive within this predominantly beautifully brown and arid land. In my ceramic forms I use a minimal mixed clay colour pallet and extensive hand building techniques which highlight the native landscape. My current body of work draws references from the painted botanical images from the historical artist Elizabeth Gould. I have completed a Diploma of Visual Art and Advanced Diploma of Visual Art with TAFE Queensland and I was the 3D Winner of the Sunshine Coast Local Artist Local Content Prize for 2022.
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