Kimberly Cruz (SOLD)

Petalos de esperanza sobre un Corazon roto - Petals of hope over a broken heart., 2021

15 cm
This series was made while experiencing true heartbreak. A real and palpable time of grief and sadness. Creating this work allowed a way to process my pain. It is an outward expression of my internal experience. Each delicate petal ripped and gently placed onto the clay body felt like a whispered prayer of help and rescue. It helped me feel understood, it began to soothe. Creating this work saved me. My sincerest hope is that in a way, whatever you’re going through…it saves you too.
My approach to ceramics is similar to that of any artist applying meaning to their art. Each piece is drawn from both wonderful and painful experiences past and present. I allow myself to become vulnerable in the process, exposing a multitude of memories, insecurities, confidence and hope. Through this, I strive to capture a felt sense of emotion and energy in the hopes that somehow people are able to see themselves in my work.
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