michelle bulloch (SOLD)

after the fire 2, 2021

15 × 15 × 15 cm
What we see echoes past, present and future stories. Everything has a history and its interactions change its course, shape and size. What it becomes is beautiful to some, disagreeable to others but its layers have a story.

Clay is earth, mineral, and pliable. We create and form it. We make things for purpose or for pleasure but in the end, it is part of the greater system. From control in the beginning gives over to the kiln that often shape its fate. The very parts of the process without control can sometimes produce the very thing we were trying to create.

I have seen how we are at the centre of the things around us that we cannot control and how somehow what comes out of that can be just as good. This was true in my experience of the bushfires surrounding my area, the red heat, flames and ash changed the way I looked at my home and the landscape that was left we have also grown to love.
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