Yulin Hao

mopped and goodnight, 2023

26 × 26 × 11 cm
Mopping and saying goodnight is my studio ritual every other Friday night, cleaning and organising the studio to welcome a fresh glaze firing. “mopped and goodnight” was greeted by a mopped and goodnight. This work embodies my practice of combining 2D drawings with clay by using glazes, figures, and arrangements to complete the picture. The marks on my clay are like my dairy where the lines and colours are created mindlessly. The figure is my unconscious language, what I see in clay form is a part of me. The set up is a compositional game I play with myself involving shapes, three-dimensionalities, and the experience I want to offer to the audience. My works are reflections of me as a growing person, my secrets, and the ongoing learning of how to understand and work with my intuition in making.

Yulin Hao (b. 1998, Chengdu, China) is an emerging artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her artistic practice revolves around a blend of drawing, painting, and sculpting, culminating in her ceramic artworks. Driven by joy and curiosity, Yulin sees making as playing a creative game, seeking to merge the visual language of two dimensions with the tactile world of clay. On the other hand, the possibilities that emerged in the games offer her insights into her artistic methodology and individuality. Constantly revisited and reflected upon, each of her works becomes a testament to her dedication to learning through making.
Yulin Hao is a current student at the National Art School’s Ceramic Department, having previously graduated from USYD with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture in 2019. She has participated in group shows, including PHAF2 at PICKNCHEWS, Private 51 at Sheaffer Gallery, Song of Vowels painting and ceramic group show, A4 at PICKNCHEWS, Push Magazine Launch, and Pyroglyphics at the NAS Stairwell Gallery. Upcoming shows include Hooray for Hollywood at Hollywood Hotel, Orange Cherry Fizzers ceramic group show at PICKNCHEWS, and NAS GRADSHOW 2023.

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